Hello! I am Mr. Schrom, and I teach 7-12 choir here at Fertile-Beltrami. I conduct five choirs here at FB. They are the Senior High Choir, Freshman Choir, Junior High Choir, Pop Choir, and Madrigal Singers. As well as teach these ensembles, I give voice lessons throughout the day and after school, and teach the 7th and 8th grade general music classes. I will assist with numerous activities at the school where music is involved!
My hometown is Little Canada, Minnesota, located in the Twin Cities just north of St. Paul. I am a Roseville Area High School graduate, class of 2011, where I sang in numerous choirs under the direction Dean Jilek and Jamie Lercher. My graduating class was 520 students, which is larger than the entire Fertile-Beltrami K-12 population!
One of my greatest influences throughout high school and still to this day is Dr. Dean Jilek, director of choirs at the University of North Dakota. Dr. Jilek was my high school choir teacher for three years at Roseville. There, I learned the importance of working together as an ensemble and feeling the music as a whole. There are at times 60 or more voices that need to come together and understand what each piece of music means and what the composer wants the choir to get out of it. Each singers has to give 100% of their mind and soul to the music if they desire to leave an impact on those who listen. When you do this as a singer, you truly feel satisfaction knowing that the music has that special place inside of you.
I am graduate of North Dakota State University, Fall Class of 2015. I currently hold a Bachelor of Science in Music Education. Go Bison! While a student, I studied under Dr. Jo Ann Miller, Dr. Michael Weber, and Dr. Charlette Moe. These three continued to shape me as the musician that I have grown to see myself become.
The greatest joy of my job is watching a singer develop and find their voice. There are numerous methods that I take to help each singer grow. Each voice is different and needs to be trained differently. When a student finds their potential with their voice, nothing else could make me happier. Combine all of these voices together into a choir, and you make something special, with anywhere from 16-60 students that come together and make music.

Favorite Color?

My favorite color is Red.

Favorite Food?

My favorite food would be a big Chipotle burrito. Otherwise, I thoroughly enjoy a Ribeye steak and a baked potato.

Early Bird or Night Owl?

I am definitely an early bird. Mornings are great!

Favoirte Artist/Genre?

Josh Turner and Frank Sinatra are some of my favorites to sing to because of my low bass voice. I am country music fan, not today’s country, but 1990’s especially. I also enjoy classic rock, like the Eagles or Bob Seger.

Why Join Choir??

Why should you join choir? Simple. It is a rewarding, beneficial, and awesome experience! It is a place for many different voices to come together and be themselves. The environment in rehearsal is a one of growth, encouragement, and satisfaction. The wide variety of music that a choir sings is bound to connect with a singer in one way or another. Music is a part of all lives, whether we know it or not!




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