Volleyball 2018


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Due to all the changes that happen during the athletic seasons we are giving you the link to the school's main calendar where you will find all scheduled sports activities. This calendar is maintained by Chad Hitchen, the Athletic Director. If you have any questions regarding game times and locations listed on the main calendar please feel free to contact the Mr. Hitchen at: (218) 945-6953 extension 165 or e-mail at chitchen@isd599.org.  
FB vs Litchfield3-1L
FB vs Red Lake Falls3-0W
FB vs Lake of the Woods3-2W
FB vs Warren/Alv/Oslo2-0W
FB vs Warren-Alvardo-Oslo2-0W
FB vs Sacred Heart0-3L
FB vs Red Lake Falls3-0W
FB vs Indus2-0W
FB vs Mahnomen/Waubun3-0W
FB vs Fosston2-3L
FB vs Park Christian3-1W
FB vs Win-E-Mac3-2W
FB vs Barnsville0-2L
FB vs Hawley0-2L
FB vs Crookston2-0W
FB vs Hawley1-1L
FB vs Frazee2-0W
FB vs Sacred Heart0-3L
FB vs NCE/UH3-0W
FB vs Bagley3-0W
FB vs Ada-Borup0-3L
FB vs Lake Park-Audubon3-0W
FB vs Northern Freeze2-0W
FB vs Sacred Heart0-2L
FB vs Blackduck2-0W
FB vs BGMR3-0W
FB vs Red Lake County Central3-0W
FB vs Climax-Fisher3-0W