David Jerome Norrs Memorial Scholarship


Application Cover Sheet


Application for the David Jerome Norrs Scholarship consists of the following parts. Please submit the following information:


1.      Completed application cover sheet.


2.      A copy of your high school transcript, signed by a school official.


3.      A resume of your high school, community and church activities; include any offices held in the organizations you have belonged to while in high school. Please include activities that demonstrate your leadership skills, initiative, and level of responsibility. The resume can be more than 1 page.


4.      Two separate letters of recommendations from an adult, who is not a relative, but knows you, perhaps has worked with you.


5.      A statement of your educational and career goals.


6.      The applicant must include a paper on one of the following subject:

         State your future goals and how you plan to achieve them.

         Describe the depth of your character and include specific character building events from your past


Name:____________________________________________ Year of Graduation:__________




Post-secondary school you plan to attend:___________________________________________


Proposed course of study:_______________________________________________________


NOTE: I give permission to the Fertile-Beltrami Education Foundation to release my name for newspaper and other media announcements regarding this scholarship application.


Your Signature:__________________________________________________________