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“To expand the avenues of learning for teachers and students of the Fertile-Beltrami School District – for the Present and for the Future”





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Board Meeting: May 2nd, 2016 at 5:00 P.M. in the board room.

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2017 Education Foundation Scholarship Recipients

West Central Ag- Beltrami Scholarship

$500 - Anna Olson

Fertile Fire Fighter's Association Scholarship

$500 each - Dana Dufault and Danielle Dufault

Edith Bolstad Memorial


JT's Station Scholarship

$500 - Bradley Clarke

Norris & Karen Johnson Endowed

$500 - Megan Sirjord

Lorraine & Paul Gredvig Medical Scholarship

$500 each - John Larsen and Megan Bryn

Renee Rongen & Associates, LLC Entrepreneur Scholarship

$500 - Grant Kaste

Cody Christianson Memorial

$500 - Jaden Christianson

Mary E. Swenson Memorial

$500 - Megan Fuglseth

Carole Engelstad Memorial

$500 - Megan Fuglseth

Marv Nelson Memorial

$500 - Carter Mosher

Arnold & Arlene Edlund Memorial

$500 - Anna Olson

Red River State Bank

$500 - Megan Bryn

Arthur & Norma Sannes Memorial

$500 - John Larsen

S.A. Aas Memorial Alumni Scholarship (Top 2 academic seniors)

$750 each - Megan Fuglseth and Carter Mosher

Orielle & Eleanor Norland Memorial

$1,000 - Michaela Meine

Otto & Swanhild Kaste Endowed Memorial

$1,000 each - Josie Christian, Toni Langved, John Larsen, Carter Mosher, and Megan Sirjord

Emil & LaVanche Petersen Scholarship

$1,000 - Anna Olson

Clarence & Ethel Shawstad Memorial

$1,000 - John Larsen

David Jerome Norrs Memorial

$1,000 - Danielle Dufault

Wilmer J. Waksvik Memorial

$1,000 each - Grant Kaste and Ginnie Sannes

Frances Raff Flaig Scholarship

$1,000 each - Megan Fuglseth and Megan Bryn

Ray and Nancy Christian Scholarship

$1,000 each - Dana Dufault and Emily Larsen

Fertile-Beltrami Education Foundation Endowed

$1,500 - Ginnie Sannes and Aerielle Capes


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