F-B Projects

Advanced Com Business Sites

Swenby Construction - By Caleb Swenby

Stor-All Crookston - By Adison McCollum

Ru Photography - By Britton Fuglseth

Encore Family Consignment - By Natalie Christian

JT's Station - By Brandon Van Den Einde

Video Editing: Poem Projects

Phenomenal Woman - By Kailey

Fishing with Dad - By Brandon

Highway of Happiness - By Britton

So God Made a Cowboy - By Shelby

Milk and Honey - By Lauren

Not - By Ginnie

Video Editing: Music Video

The Night We Met - By Belle

That 70's Song - By Cajsa

Heal - By Alissa

Driving Around Song - By Andrah

While He Still Knows Who I Am - By Britton

Hello - By Kamryn

Demons - By Andrew

Here for a Reason - By Natalie

Make Him Wait - By Abby

Video Editing: Movie Trailers

Escape - By Alissa

Napoleon Dynamite - Matthew

Five Feet Apart - By Emily

Step Brothers - By Brandon

Jumanji - By Emma

Fedora & Cheese - By Jazz

Fedora & Cheese 2 - By Preston

COVID - By Abby

Video Editing: Commercials

Pringles - By Caleb

Dapper Dan Hair Gel - By Cajsa

Chef Boyardee - By Soren

Converse - By Kat

Doritos - By Cort

Doritos - By Tessa

Video Editing: Choice Projects

My Strange Addiction - By Abby

Web Design Student Project Sites

Lundeen Photography

Sew You