F-B Projects


Weekly Newscast

Video Editing: Poem Projects

Highway of Happiness - By Britton

So God Made a Cowboy - By Shelby

Little Boy - By Andrah

Core - By Samuel

Milk and Honey - By Lauren

Not - By Ginnie

Video Editing: Music Video

While He Still Knows Who I Am - By Britton

Who Can It Be Now? - By Albert

Hello - By Kamryn

Here for a Reason - By Natalie

Demons - By Andrew

Mad World - By Carissa

Video Editing: Movie Trailers

After Hours - By Shelby

Crash Landing - By Drew

The ConspiraSHES - By Faith

Full Throttle - By Shaun

Full Throttle 2 - By Dakota

Fedora & Cheese - By Jazz

Fedora & Cheese 2 - By Preston

The Truth About Junior Year - by Emily

Social Studies-Neil Steffes Instructor

Newscast - By Megan & Aerielle

Radio Station Activity

Advanced Com

Today's Tackle - By Scott Olslund

Encore Family Consignment - By Natalie Christian

Web Design

Proofsquad - 7th grade

Sportskey - 7th grade

Life Hacks - 7th grade

Taco 'Bout Good Food - 7th grade