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Fertile-Beltrami has been a “Lap Top” high school since 1997.  The mission is to level the playing field among the "haves and the have nots” in order to improve student achievement. Our goal is to remove the financial stresses from the equation so that all families can learn and use technology.  We were one of the very first “Lap Top Public High Schools” in the state.  All 10-12 grade students are offered the opportunity to have a laptop as their own during the school year.  Students are encouraged to share this technology and their skills with family and community.  F-B offers 14 University of MN college credits for its technology courses offered in the business department.(see College in the High School tab for more information)  F-B’s decision to stay with laptops for upper classman is based on the need for commercial software and a high powered computer that provides the ability do the projects required for college rigor classes.


Technology Faculty


Mrs. Clark


Mrs. Mitzel


Mrs. Raaen


Mrs. Larsen

Computer Technian