Adopted:  2003                                                                                               District 599Policy  
Revised: 2015



  1. Duties and Responsibilities:  The duties and responsibilities shall be those duties set forth in the job description of the employee as assigned by the supervisor/administrator.
  2. At-Will Letters of Assignment for the subsequent school year will normally be distributed before September of the subsequent school year and they shall include the following:
      1. Hours of Employment
      2. Number of Duty Days
      3. Job Title
      4. Benefits
  3. Work Year:  The school calendar shall be set by the Board of Education.


  1.  Salary Schedule:  Is available at the district office.
  2. Step Placement: The initial step placement on the salary schedule will be determined by the employer.
  3. Advancement on the Salary Schedule:  If a nine (9) month employee works less than three months (60 working days) during the work year, no step advancement is earned.  If a twelve (12) month employee works less than four months (80 working days) during the work year, no step advancement is earned.


Hourly employee payroll dates will take place on the 15th and 30th  of each month. 


  1. All newly hired employees shall serve a two (2) year probationary period.
  2. At any time during the probationary period, a newly hired employee may be terminated at the sole discretion of the employer.
  3. All leave benefits listed herein shall accrue to the employee during the probationary period. 


If necessary, employees may be required to ride the bus to assist in the delivery of children to storm homes. 


  1.   Sick Leave:
      1. A work day for leaves, vacation and holidays, is defined as the usual number of hours of work performed by an employee during any day.
      2.  Sick leave shall be allowed by the school district whenever an employee’s absence is found to have been due to personal illness or the illness of a member of the immediate family which prevented his/her attendance at school and performance of the duties on that day(s).  Immediate family shall be defined as dependents of or other family members living in the household of the employee. 
      3. The school district may require the employee to furnish a medical certificate from a qualified physician as evidence of illness, indicating such absence was due to illness, in order to qualify for sick leave pay.  In the event that a medical certificate will be required, the employee will be so advised. 
      4. Employees should make every effort to schedule routine checkups and appointments for times other than duty hours.
      5. Number of days and cumulative days:
  2. a.  Bus Drivers:  15 days per year cumulative to 60 days
  3. b.  All other employees:  15 days per year cumulative to 130 days
  4. Emergency Leave:  An employee may be granted emergency leave at the discretion of the district of no more than five (5) days per year, non-accumulative, the days used will be deducted from sick leave, for situations that arise requiring the employee’s personal attention which cannot be attended to when school is not in session and which are not covered under regular sick leave.  (i.e.  deaths, funerals, estate settlements, etc.)
  5. Personal Leave:
    1. Employees will be allowed one (1) day of paid leave for personal business in each school year. 
    2. A request for leave shall be made in writing to the superintendent no later than three (3) days prior to the requested leave except in cases of emergency. 
    3. No more than two (2) employees of any employee group (i.e. paraprofessionals, cooks, bus drivers, etc.) will be permitted to take personal leave on the same day. 
    4. Personal leave will not be granted during the first and last weeks of the school year.


Full-time (12 month) employees shall be eligible for paid vacation benefits as follows

    1. 2 weeks until the completion of the fifth (5th) year.
    2. 3 weeks thereafter.
    3. Vacation days must be approved in advance by the supervisor.
    4. Vacation days must be used by January 1 of the following year. 


The following days will be paid holidays for twelve (12) month employees:  Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day, Memorial Day and Good Friday.

IX.  Breaks

All employees are entitled to a 15 minute break in the a.m. and p.m.

X.   Overtime

All overtime must be approved by the superintendent or the principal in advance except in case of emergency.  Overtime payment or time off must be taken in the same pay period.