Adopted:  1996                                                                                                                                              District 599 Policy 523

Revised:  2003







Certain policies as contained in this policy reference manual are applicable to students as well as to employees.  In order to avoid undue duplication, the school district provides notice by this section of the application and incorporation by reference of the following policies which also apply to students:



                Policy 102              Equal Educational Opportunity

                Policy 103              Complaints-Students, Employees, Parents, Other Persons

Policy 206              Public Participation in School Board Meetings; Complaints About Persons at School Board Meetings and Data Privacy Considerations

                Policy 211              Criminal or Civil Action Against School District, School Board Member, Employee, or Student

                Policy 305              Policy Implementation

                Policy 413              Harassment and Violence

Policy 417              Chemical Use/Abuse

Policy 418              Drug-Free Workplace/Drug-Free School

Policy 419              Tobacco-Free Environment

Policy 420              Students and Employees with Sexually Transmitted Infections and Diseases and Certain Other Communicable Diseases and Infectious Conditions

                Policy 524              Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Policy

                Policy 525              Violence Prevention

                Policy 610              Field Trips

                Policy 613              Graduation Requirements

                Policy 614              School District Testing Plan and Procedure

                Policy 615              Basic Standards Testing, Accommodations, Modifications, and Exemptions For IEP, Section 504 Accommodation and LEP Students

                Policy 616              School District System Accountability

                Policy 707              Transportation of Public School Students

                Policy 708              Transportation of Nonpublic School Students

                Policy 709              Transportation Safety Policy

                Policy 710              Extracurricular Transportation

                Policy 711              Videotaping on School Buses

                Policy 801              Equal Access to Facilities of Secondary Schools



Students are charged with notice that the above cited policies are also applicable to students; however, students are also on notice that the provisions of the various policies speak for themselves and may be applicable although not specifically listed above.