Orig. 1999 revised 6-08 District 599 Policy 701a


1. Game Admissions
Adults $5.00 Adult Season Tickets $40.00
*K-12 $2.00 Student Season Tickets $15.00 Senior Citizens Season Ticket(65 yrs. & older) $15.00

2. Meal Tickets
Elementary Breakfast $.85 Elementary Lunch $1.65
High School Breakfast $.85 High School Lunch $1.90
Non-eligible Breakfast $2.00 Non-eligible Lunch $3.50
Breakfast Seconds $.75 Lunch Seconds $1.00
Extra milk $.35 Lunch Reduced $.40
When lunch accounts reach $10 students will be given a written reminder, when lunch accounts reach $5 parents will be called or a letter will be sent, and when accounts reach -$5 no further charging will be allowed unless special arrangements are made with the office.

3. Driver Education (effective 08-09 School year, Students taking Classroom or Behind the Wheel before June 1, 2009 are eligible for old rate if fees are paid in full prior to June 1, 2009)
Behind the Wheel $175.00
Classroom (Not during the school day) $100.00

4. Rentals
Gym $50.00 Outlets $10.00
Kitchen $25.00

5. Misc. Pay
Community Education Maximum $13.50
Sub Teacher per day $95.00 Classified Subs $9.00
Long-Term Teacher Sub. 10 days at substitute daily rate, balance at B.S. Step 0 daily rate

6. Mileage IRS Rate

7. Participation Fees
High School
per Season per Child $50.00 Jr. High per Season per Child $25.00
Family Yearly Maximum $180.00
The participation fee includes locks, mouthguards, and activity ticket admission.

8. Computer Deposit: $150.00 Refundable
Maintenance Fee $35.00 per year

9. Meal Reimbursement Receipts are required to a maximum of $35 per day in metro area.
Meal reimbursement for business meetings not requiring overnight stays will be reimbursed at a maximum of $8 Breakfast, $10 Lunch, $17 Dinner.

10. State Tournament Attendance Reimbursement (Receipts Required)
Head Coach $250
Assistant Coach $125