Senior Scholarships

  1. Orielle and Eleanor Memorial Scholarship--$1000
  2. West Central Ag-Beltrami Scholarship--$500
  3. Fertile Fire Fighter's Association--$1000
  4. Otto and Swanhild Kaste Endowed Memorial--$1000
  5. S.A. Aas(automatically awarded)--$750
  6. Emil and LaVanche Petersen--$1000
  7. Edith Bolstad Memorial--$500
  8. Braidy Christianson Memorial Scholarship--$1500
  9. Fertile-Beltrami Education Foundation Endowed Scholarship--$1500
  10. Fertile-Beltrami Education Foundation Community Fund Scholarship--$1000
  11. JT's Station Scholarship--$500
  12. Norris and Karen Johnson Endowed Scholarship--$500
  13. Lorraine and Paul Gredvig Medical Scholarship--$500
  14. Clarence and Ethel Shawstad Memorial Scholarship--$1000
  15. David Jerome Norrs Memorial Scholarship--$1000
  16. Mary E. Swenson Memorial Scholarship--$500
  17. Renee Rongen and Associates LLC Entrepreneur Scholarship--$500
  18. Wilmer J. Waksvik Memorial Scholarship--$1000
  19. Arthur Schuschke Memorial Scholarship--$500
  20. Gary Werner Memorial Scholarship--$1000
  21. Gary Kiefert Memorial Scholarship--$1000
  22. The Carole Engelstad Memorial Scholarship--$500
  23. Marv Nelson Memorial Scholarship--$500
  24. Ray and Nancy Christian Scholarship--$1000
  25. Red River State Bank F-B Scholarship--$500
  26. Arnold and Arlene Edlund Memorial Scholarship--$500
  27. Frances Raff Flaig Scholarship--$1000
  28. Helmer and Bergie Haugen Endowed Memorial Scholarship--$1000
  29. June Erickson Endowed Memorial Scholarship--$1000
  30. Norma A. Hanson Memorial Scholarship--$500
  31. Keith D. Swenson Memorial Law Enforcement Scholarship--$500
  32. Jude Olson Memorial Scholarship--$1000
  33. David Earl Erikson Memorial Scholarship--$1000

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