e-Learning Day Links

"E-learning day" means a school day where Fertile-Beltrami offers access to instruction provided by students' individual teachers due to inclement weather. Minn Statute 120A.414 allows school districts to use an e-learning day up to five days in one school year. If we use an e-learning day we will notify parents and students at least two hours prior to the normal start time of the school day. Each teacher has an e-learning plan and they will give students reminders to ensure students know how to access their e-learning plan for the day. For elementary students their teachers will also inform parents via classroom communications so parents can help students access their learning for the day. A reminder about e-learning, it is not the same as the Distance Learning we provided during the COVID-19 pandemic. E-learning will be mostly asynchronous, meaning a teacher will post lessons and plans or send the work home if possible for students to work on independently.

Teachers will be accessible online via email and by telephone during the normal school day 8:25-3:18 to answer questions and assist students and parents. If students are unable to access e-learning they will get the work from their teachers the next day and have two days to complete the work they missed. If you have any questions about e-learning plans please contact your student’s teacher.

Kari Morvig - Kindergarten Lesson Plankmorvig@isd599.org
Leah Swenby - Kindergarten Lesson Planlswenby@isd599.org
Elissa Raaen - 1st Grade Lesson Planeraaen@isd599.org
Karina Skaug - 1st Grade Lesson Plankskaug@isd599.org
Kerri Solie - 2nd Grade Lesson Planksolie@isd599.org
Heidi Benson - 2nd Grade Lesson Planhbenson@isd599.org
Mary Olson - 3rd Grade Lesson Planmolson@isd599.org
Karin Sorenson - 3rd Grade Lesson Planksorenson@isd599.org
Angie Whitcomb - 4th Grade Lesson Planawhitcomb@isd599.org
Jaden Christianson - 4th Grade Lesson Planjchristianson@isd599.org
Amy Roragen - 5th Grade Lesson Planaroragen@isd599.org
Rachael Sannes - 5th Grade Lesson Planrsannes@isd599.org
Jason Allrich - 6th Grade Lesson Planjallrich@isd599.org
Emily Mosher - 6th Grade Lesson Planemosher@isd599.org
Stacy Christianson - Music K-2    |    3-4    |    5-6 schristianson@isd599.org
Heidi Mitzel - Keyboarding Lesson Planhmitzel@isd599.org
Lisa Christianson - Special Education Lesson Planlchristianson@isd599.org
Merilee Forgit - Special Education Lesson Planmforgit@isd599.org
Jenna Schrom - Special Education Lesson Planjschrom@isd599.org
Brenda Hallgren - Special Education Lesson Planbhallgren@isd599.org
Alyssa Halley - Speech Therapy Lesson Planahalley@isd599.org
Leah Burke - Engish Lesson Planlburke@isd599.org
Wendy Clark - Business Education Lesson Planwclark@isd599.org
Maggie Coauette - Mathematics Lesson Planmcoauette@isd599.org
Krista Fisher - Science Lesson Plankfisher@isd599.org
Tony Grieve - Social Studies Lesson Plantgrieve@isd599.org
Katie Langenfeld - Band Lesson Planklangenfeld@isd599.org
Craig Larson - Phy-Ed Lesson Planclarson@isd599.org
Hanna Lavin - PE/Health Lesson Planhlavin@isd599.org
Lori Messick - Art/Social Studies Lesson Planlmessick@isd599.org
Heidi Mitzel - Business Education Lesson Planhmitzel@isd599.org
Brian Nelson - Biology/Science Lesson Planbnelson@isd599.org
Tanya Raaen - Industrial Arts Lesson Plantraaen@isd599.org
Neil Steffes - Social Studies Lesson Plannsteffes@isd599.org
Samantha Stock - English Lesson Plansstock@isd599.org
Tim Sykes - Mathematics Lesson Plantsykes@isd599.org