The vision of Fertile-Beltrami Public School is that students, faculty, and staff will be enabled by technology to solve problems, improve their productivity, and gain the skills necessary to become life-long learners and contributing members of society. To realize that vision, the members of FB School must be able to:

Identify student needs and match technology to meet those needs preparing them to move into their next phase of education and increasing student achievement

Create staff development programs that maximize the effective use of technology and ensure staff receive support allowing them the opportunity reach basic technological competence and integrate technology into their everyday curriculum.

Ensure community access to the district’s technology system and enhance communication among students, teacher, and administration.

Enable teachers to use technology to receive support from other educators increasing the range and strength of their professional competencies all for the purpose of improving student achievement.

The Classroom


Fertile-Beltrami has been a “Laptop” high school since 1997. We were one of the very first “Laptop Public High Schools” in the state offering computers to 10-12 grade students. As of the 2019-2020 school year, all students grades 7-12 are offered a laptop computer. The students use Windows and/or Mac with software to help prepare them for life beyond High School, including the complete Microsoft Office Professional Suite, Professional Video Editing and Web Design, plus the Google Workspace Suite.


Fertile-Beltrami Elementary students are one-one iPads in the classroom, allowing the students to use multiple apps to enhance their learning, including Google Classroom. MCA testing is completely performed with iPad’s.

IFP Boards

All classrooms at Fertile-Beltrami are equipped with a 75” Interactive Flat Panel Touch board, allowing staff and students to project and share content from their device to the class.

3D Printing/ Laser

Our Art Department has been creatively using 3D printing technology since 2014 and recently added a Laser Cutter through a generous grant, to encourage more creativity!