“To expand the avenues of learning for teachers and students of the Fertile-Beltrami School District–for the Present and Future”

What Am I Donating Towards?

The Fertile-Beltrami community has always been dedicated to the children in its school district. The educational opportunities provided in the classroom are enhanced through the Foundation's projects and grants. Scholarships awarded by the Foundation to its students promote education and learning beyond the walls of the Fertile-Beltrami School. The Foundation relies on the support of its community businesses, members and alumni----both locally and from across the country.We appreciate your support and interest in helping us continue our goal of promising the most innovative and quality education that can be offered to the students of Fertile-Beltrami Public School.

How Can I Donate?

There are two ways to donate to the foundation; online by clicking on the ONE TIME DONATION button below or click on either forms (memorial or membership) located on the right-hand side of your screen to print, fill out and send to us with a check!

Scholarship form
Membership form
210 S Mill St, Fertile, MN 56540
+1 (218) 280-7551